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Brussels I Love You! Walking and Art at BILY 2019

Discover the nooks and crannies of Brussel’s art and design scene with the fourth edition of BILY – a contemporary art walk taking place from January 9-17.

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In its fourth edition, BILY (Brussels I Love You) invites you to venture to unknown places and peer behind the doors of unexpected locations to discover the diverse cartography of art that is off the beaten track.

The Contemporary Art Walk stems from the philosophy of encouraging everyone to discover the hidden treasures in the Belgian capital that range from design galleries, bookshops, collectors places, both young established art galleries and more.

A few highlights of this years walking route include three-year-old gallery LMNO that shows ‘We Need to Talk about Painting’—an exhibition that celebrates this artistic practice and grew from the curators’ reflection that LMNO had not hosted many painting-based shows throughout their short lifespan.

Continuing on the theme of paint, BILY also suggests visiting Peinture Fraîche, which translates to ‘Fresh Paint’. However, it will not be the smell of oil paints that greets the public to this space but the luxurious smell of new books. The 28-year-old bookshop specializes in art, architecture and design publications for anyone from professionals to the curious minded.

Another key stop is Art’Loft by Minyoung Lee and Gil Bauwens. Founded in 2012, the gallery promotes Korean artists as well as international who are engaging with or working in Korea. For BILY the gallery will be showing a collective exhibition entitled ‘Korean Scene’. The works the five artists Chun Kwang Young, Kim Hyun-Sik, Moon-Pil Shim, Jiana Kim & Namgoong Whan will be on display. It explores notions of repetition, rhythm, shape and color.

Other participants of the Contemporary Art Walk include:
Absolut Art (gallery), Almine Rech (gallery), Artcurial (auction house), ART 22 (gallery), Charles Riva Collection (collection), Cohérent (gallery), Didier Claes (gallery), Faider (gallery), Felix Frachon (gallery), Hangar Art Center (gallery), Huberty Breyne (gallery), QG (gallery), La Patinoire Royale (gallery), La Forest-Divonne (gallery), Le 26 by Felix Frachon (gallery & Collection), Le salon d’art (gallery), Macadam (gallery), Martine Ehmer (gallery), Mazel & Mezel 2(galleries), MM (gallery), Nathalie Obadia (gallery), 2R Ritual (gallery), Strokar (Cultural Center for urban art), TOPOS (Business Center), Valérie Bach (gallery)

Spazio Nobile will also take part with its Land/Scapes exhibition which you can read more about here

BILY will take place from January 9-17. The itinerary can be downloaded on BILY’s website

Atsushi Nishijima Turner Curtain op.1, 2013 © copyright Kenji Takahashi
Mazel Gallery, SONAC, La Lionne en Corse
Felix Frachon Gallery, Mamoru Okuno installation, The Art of Tomorrow © Shizune Shiigi
HERGE, Quick Et Flupke Couverture ©moulinsart
Absolute Art Gallery
Forest Divonne, Posture(s)

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