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Chiara Ferrari Inaugurates 110 Mallorca

Dec 5, 2023

Italian designer Chiara Ferrari transformed a former leather factory into a live/work space committed to design and collaboration.

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Italian designer Chiara Ferrari worked with international design studios such as Zaha Hadid, Piero Lissoni and Heatherwick Studios before opening her own studio in 2010, focusing on residential and commercial interiors as well as furniture and lighting. In 2019, she moved her studio to Mallorca, renovating an old leather workshop in the industrial town of Inca, in the island’s interior. Ferrari transformed the two-floor building, originally built in 1934, and which at the time of purchase was being used partly as a garage, into a dynamic live/work space that is also a new addition to Mallorca’s design community. “110 is designed to be a game-changer in my everyday practice as a designer. It wants to be a place for cross-pollination between local manufacturing and local/international talents, yet between different creative disciplines of Design. It is not a gallery – although you can buy any pieces on this floor – it’s just a space that I want to share with like-minded creatives and makers, in order to make an impact on the design scene on the island, create connections, build a community”, Ferrari explains.

110 retains its industrial, loft-like feel, including the original 4-metre high sliding entrance door, and is punctuated by pops of bright colour and textural surfaces such as micro-resin finishes and textiles. The floor is an original terrazzo tile from the 1930s, and the 1st floor terrace features a bespoke version of the “tilescape” system from local brand Huguet. Ferrari worked with Inca-based architects, AR3, particularly with all of the technical elements required to renovate the space, noting that, “The uniqueness of this place comes from its history, conserved and re-interpreted to fit its new use; You can clearly read layers of history. And stages of construction in the wall finishes throughout the house”.

110 features a series of pieces by Italian metal manufacturers Fantin, with whom Ferrari has collaborated with professionally for several years. Their furniture collection is made out of 100% recyclable metal and has streamlined and minimal style that fits well with Ferrari’s own design aesthetic. In addition, their use of vibrant colour – green, blues and bright oranges are not uncommon – offset the raw, industrial look of the space. 110 are distributing Fantin on the island and people are able to see pieces in situ and discuss their projects with 110’s interior design team: “Fantin and I are united by the philosophy of design, which in its manifestation also involves aesthetics: essentiality, functionality, in spaces and products – and above all, adaptability. Also, a bold use of colour, another element of adaptation, and a tool to give personality to a space”.

To complement Fantin and 110’s philosophy, they invited Inca-based company Llanatura a non-profit initiative that is finding ways to use local sheep’s wool which is otherwise is burned or tossed out, to present a new series of lamps designed by Alex Martinez Mestre, and featured the Shibuya stools by 2Monos, an artisanal design studio that combines architecture and interior design from a slow approach. For Ferrari, having these brands and designers present their work ‘activates’ the space and creates an engaged and collaborative experience for everyone: “For me it is very special because 110 contains and reflects my history, aesthetic, passions and relationships – from framed letters from friends, to exquisite chairs…To classic lighting pieces… to art pieces that speak to me …to objects that were given to me from friends around the world”. 110 is a place full of possibilities, designed to be adaptable and flexible, part personal history and part creative community hub that will surely engage Mallorca in exciting ways.



Chiara Ferrari, Photo by GRIMALT DE BLANCH
Entrance 110 Mallorca
View to the ground floor terrace with a lounge chair by Fantin
Ground floor space of 110 Mallorca
Office area, Photo by GRIMALT DE BLANCH
Opening presentation of Fantin at 110 Mallorca, Photo by GRIMALT DE BLANCH
Wall lamp made with repurposed Mallorcan sheep's wool, designed by Alberto for Llanatura. Photo by GRIMALT DE BLANCH
View of shelves in 110 Mallorca, Photo by GRIMALT DE BLANCH

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