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Design Parade Hyères & Toulon 2019

With its yearly festival, Villa Noailles aims to further its support for contemporary design by bringing together designers, journalists and the general public over for an extended weekend of events and exhibitions in Toulon and Hyères.

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Founded and directed by Villa Noailles’ director Jean-Pierre Blanc and with Pascale Mussard (former Artistic Director of Hermès’ petit h) as President, Design Parade aims to share the most contemporary creations in interior design and design with its public. Organised in two events, the firstin Toulon highlighting interiordesign and the second in Hyères focusing ondesign, the festival is also an opportunity to discover the heritage of these two neighbouring towns, which both offer an expression of the architectural and decorative wealth of the Var region. This year marks the 14th edition of Design Parade Hyères, and the 4th edition of its younger sibling, Design Parade Toulon.

Alongside their separate exhibitions, each festival organises a competition which, after a selection by an international jury, presents ten young designers. This year, Toulon’s competition consisted of a style exercise in which a designer (or a collaboration of max 2 artists) create a design for a room in a coastal villa by the Mediterranean sea (either a living room, dining room, library, bedroom, or an office) — whilst Hyères’ competition focused on new, exclusive projects made by the designers.

Once selected, the competitions in both Hyères and Toulon offer their respective designers a unique platform that gives them visibility and (financial) support. The jury in Hyères is led by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur whilst the president in Toulon’s jury is architect François Champsaur. The prizes that are awarded to the competing designers are possible by the festival’s partners who, like the festival, are committed to providing long term support for contemporary designers. Practical assistance is provided as soon as the designers are selected, and continue over a period of two years in various different domains: finance, production, craft, materials, production, legal, media, exhibitions, workshops and residencies.

The grand prize at Design Parade Hyères consists of a research scholarship of one year at Sèvres – Cité de la céramique, a research scholarship of one year at the Cirva (International Glass and Visual Arts Research Centre) in Marseilles, a personal exhibition at the 15th edition of Design Parade Hyères, a workshop offered by Vitra at Domaine Boisbuchet, a book offered by Phaidon as well as a technical support as well as research and creative grant around lighting of 5000 euros from Sammode, with the result being presented during the 15th edition of Design Parade Hyères in 2020.

Already a unique competition and festival of its kind in France, Toulon’s Design Parade Festival will be introducing two new prizes this year. The first is the Prix Visual Merchandising, which is awarded by CHANEL. This prize will reward one of the ten finalists of Design Parade Toulon with the best window project connected to luxury design. The winner will receive a grant of € 20.000 for the achievement of a new project that will be exhibited next year. The second prize that will be introduced is the Prix Mobilier National and will be awarded by the festival’s newest partner Mobilier National. This prize offers the winner the opportunity to develop a creative project with the ARC (Atelier de Recherche et de Création) of the organisation. The prototype created with Mobilier National will be exhibited the following year through an exhibition imagined by the winner.

The finalists for Design Parade Hyères’ Competition:

Simòn Ballen Botero (Colombia)

Flavien Delbergue (France)

Leyla Desrosiers-Arslanian & Charlotte Barbeau-Desjardin (Canada)

Marie-Marie Dutour (Germany)

Grégory Granados (France)

François Jaubert (France)

Carlo Kurth & June-Noa Gschwander (Germany)

Maxime Louis-Courcier (France)

Sho Ota (Japan)

Samuel Tomatis (France)

The finalists for Design Parade Toulon’s Competition:

Victoria Ayayi and Gabriel Vuillemin (France)

Sandro Della Noce & Caroline Wolewinski (France)

Hugo Drubay (France)

Lisa Egio & Elliot Kervyn (France)

Audrey Guimard & Bérénice Golmann-Pupponi (France)

Simon Moisière (France)

Maximilien Pellet & Zoé Piter (France)

Hugo Poirier & Pauline Bailay (France)

Maéva Prigent (France)

Céline Thibault & Géraud Pellottiero  (France)

The international Design Parade festival will be held in Toulon and in Hyères from June 27 to 30, 2019. The exhibitions will be open to the public until September 29.



Cover Photo: Design Parade Toulon Finalist Caroline Woleminski & Sandro Della Noce

Finalist Design Parade Hyères: Sho Ota
Finalist Design Parade Toulon: Victoria Ayayi & Gabriel Vuillemin.
Finalist Design Parade Hyères: Simon Ballen Botero
Finalist Design Parade Toulon: Pauline Bailay & Hugo Poirier
Maxime Mouroux & Manon Daviet exhibition preview.
Finalist Design Parade Hyères: Marie-Marie Dutour
Finalist Design Parade Toulon: Simon Moisière & Jean Rodet
Exhibition of design students from l’École supérieure d’art and Toulon Provence Méditerranée
Exhibition preview of Jade Fourès-Vargnier and Vincent de Hoÿm's work
Guest of honour and President of the Jury Mathieu Lehanneur's exhibition preview
Finalist Design Parade Hyères: Flavien Delbergue

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