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Design Parade 2024 Hyères and Toulon

Jun 30, 2024

The annual Design Parade exhibitions in Hyères and Toulon opened their doors on June 27 and 28th. This marks the 18th edition of the Hyéres international festival of design and the 8th edition of the international interior architecture festival in Toulon.

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Text by TLmag

The Design Parade Festival in Hyères was founded in 2006 with the aim of sharing contemporary design and creation with the public and professionals. The highlight of the festival is the competition which presents the work of ten young designers each year, offering them a unique platform and opportunity to show their work. Founded and directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc and chaired by Pascale Mussard, the festival brings in an outside jury each year to select the ten finalists. In 2016, they launched Design Parade Toulon with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec as sponsors, with the idea of focusing on interior architecture. It was the first competition of this type in France. Ten finalists are also selected for this competition. In addition, the festival is an opportunity to explore the heritage of these two iconic towns in the south of France, rich in design, architecture and art history. Along with the public exhibition, the finalists receive support for two years covering things such as financing, production, materials, administration and other expenses and are given access to leading specialists such as Sèvres – National Manufacture and Museum, the International Center for Reasearch on Glass and Plastic Arts (CIRVA), Matter and Shape and Tectona for Hyères; Van Cleef & Arpels, le 19m, CHANEL, Mobilier and the Carmignac Foundation for Toulon.

The jury for the Hyères this year was led by Fabien Capello, who was also an honorary guest and who has a special exhibition of his work presented in the Villa Noailles, and included Nina Baier Bischofberger, Laura Houseley, Ana Elena Mallet, Hannah Martin, Cristina Poelk, Rodman Primack, Oli Stratford and Yassine Ben Abdallah, winner of the Grand Prix Design Parade Hyères in 2023, who will also be presenting work in the Villa.

The finalists for the Design Parade Hyères are: Danae Dasyra & Joe Bradford (Greece and the UK), Gabriel Hafner (France, Switzerland and Germany), Sacha Parent & Valentine Tiraboschi (France), Luca Rizzo (Switzerland), Juliette Rougier (France), Camille Sardet (France), Simon Stanislawski (Germany), Alex Sinh Nguyen (France and Switzerland), Vassili Tchernitchko (France), Zhonngyu Zhang (China).

The winners of the Design Parade Hyères are: Grand Prix: Sacha Parent & Valentine Tiraboschi for their project ‘Decor par la Sable’; The Tectona Prize is awarded to Gabriel Hafner and the Public Prize of Hyères is awarded to Juliette Rougier.

The Design Parade Toulon jury was led by Marion Mailaender, who was also an honorary guest, and included, Wendy Andreu, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Barnabé Fillon, Amaryllis Jacob, Jean-François Lesage, Thomas Mailender, Anatole Maggiar, Emmanuel Picaut, Céline Sanchez, and Clement Rosenberg.

The finalists include: Clémentine Debaere-Lewandowsk (France)i, Anaïs Fernon (France), Sébastien Gafari & Sara Guédes, (France) Romain Joly & Lisa Bravi, (France), Anthony Laffargue, (France) Martin Lichtig, (France) Willie Morlon, France), Clément Rouvier (France), Alice Roux & Mattia Listowski (France), Juliette Simeone & Amélie Dandoy (France).

The winner of the Grand Prix Toulon is: Willie Morlon for his project ‘Placo Studiolo’. The Visual Merchandising prize by Chanel is awarded to Romain Joly and Lisa Bravi; The Prix National de Mobilier and the Fondationn Carmignac Grant Prize is awarded to Anaïs Fernon for her piece ‘A la fraïcheur de la situation’. The Public Prize of the city of Toulon is awarded to Clement Rouvier for his project ‘On Air’.

Design Parade Hyéres is on view through September 1, 2024 while Design Parade Toulon will be on view through the 3rd of November 2024.



Danae Dasyra & Joe Bradford, finalists Design Parade Hyères.
Juliette Rougier, finalist Design Parade Hyères.
Juliette Simeone & Amelie Dandoy, Banquet Solaire, finalists Design Parade Toulon.
Lucas Rizzo, finalist Design Parade Hyères.
Willie Morlon, finalist Design Parade Hyères.
Zhongyu Zhang, finalist Design Parade Hyères.

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