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Equinox: Presenting the Unseen Archive of Karim Noureldin

Von Bartha Basel presents the exhibition Equinox, showing the growth of Swiss-based artist Karim Noureldin’s abstract, signature style.

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Coinciding with Art Basel 2019 von Bartha Basel presents Equinox, an exhibition of artist Karim Noureldin. From 11 June to 27 July 2019, the gallery shows large-scale drawings, three new textile pieces and previously unseen work on paper from the artist’s archive. The exhibition demonstrates the growth of his signature abstract style, using different mediums.

It reveals the artist’s profound interest in drawing, where Noureldin negotiates the intuitive and spatial aspect of this medium to produce non-figurative, geometric crossings. Visitors can find this in his large-scale drawings that are on display called Equinox, lending the name to the show. Also, three large-scale textile works, handwoven in the increasingly rare ‘Panza technique’ from western India, are also on display. As an ongoing and on-site collaboration between master weavers and the artist himself, this traditional craft-making process results in unique, floor-based artworks.

Also on show are small-scale works on paper created between 1992-2015. These unseen archive pieces demonstrate Noureldin’s artistic trajectory, whilst working in a mutual dialogue with his practice and imagery today.

The artist Karim Noureldin, born in 1967, currently lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. However, he studied at the University of Art and Design Zurich from 1988-90 and graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Art and Design Basel in 1994. After which he continued to teach at Fine Arts at ECAL University of Art and Design, in his current home town. He exhibited in many international solo shows ranging from Ribot arte contemporanea in Milan to Musée d’art moderne et contemporain MAMCO in Geneva.

Cover image: Artist’s Portrait. Courtesy the Artist and von Bartha. Photo by Andreas Zimmermann.

Karim Noureldin, Artist's Studio. Courtesy the Artist and von Bartha. Photo by Ariel Huber.
Karim Noureldin, Artist's Studio. Courtesy the Artist and von Bartha. Photo by Ariel Huber.
Karim Noureldin, Artist's Studio. Courtesy the Artist and von Bartha. Photo by Ariel Huber.
Karim Noureldin, DES, 2019, Handmade cotton weave, 296 x 398 cm, courtesy von Bartha, Basel.
Karim Noureldin, Equinox, 2018, Coloured pencil on paper, 138.5 x 98.5 cm, courtesy von Bartha, Basel.

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