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Éric Beauduin and Nathalie Dewez: Tailored Light

Leather lamps by fashion and accessories designer Éric Beauduin and interior designer Nathalie Dewez combine interior objects with materials, tailoring and details of fashion design.

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Text by Heini Lehtinen

Lamps of the collection ‘Lights on Walls’ literally hang on the walls of Éric Beauduin’s studio showroom and store. Suspended with hooks and buckles usually used in clothing and bags, the leather lamps can be easily moved from one place to another.

The collection results from a collaboration of fashion and accessories designer Éric Beauduin and interior designer Nathalie Dewez. The lamps combine functionality of a light source to tailored details on second hand leather. The project mixes Dewez’s clear and minimalistic lines and architectural handprint to Beauduin’s second-hand leather, tailored work and details familiar to fashion design.

The collaboration continues a series of Éric Beauduin’s collaborations with other designers and creatives, such as jewellery designers Isabelle Lenfant, Espèces and Olivia Hainaut, knit fashion designer Isabelle Baines and journalist Anne Françoise Moyson.

“Our collaboration started rather naturally and casually,” Beauduin and Dewez state. “Our purpose is to break the walls between design and fashion. Accessories are accepted on both sides, such as bags in the fashion field and lamps on the design land.”

Light is a familiar element and medium to interior designer Nathalie Dewez, who designs lighting fixtures and consults several architecture offices in lighting design. Her work extends from small items to monumental installations and from unique pieces to industrial products. Dewez graduated from the Interior Architecture department of the École Nationale des Arts Visuels de la Cambre in Brussels in 2001, and was awarded by Design Pierre Bergé Foundation award in 2011. In the same year, she was nominated for the Belgian Designer of the year. Dewez has worked in collaboration with several international brands, such as Hermès, Habitat, Ligne Roset, Established & Sons and Moome.

Fashion and accessories designer Éric Beauduin launched a collection of unique leather bags made of recycled materials in 2000. Beauduin’s men’s collection won the prestigious international Hyères fashion design contest in France in 1993, and he graduated from the Fashion department of ENSAV la Cambre Brussels a year later. Beauduin presented his own collection at the Paris Fashion Week from 1995 to 1998, and has taught fashion and accessory design at la Cambre Brussels and Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. •

Nathalie Dewez’s and Éric Beauduin’s collection of leather lamps will be on show at Éric Beauduin Flagship Store in Brussels, Belgium, from 10–31 December 2015.


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