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Guerlain Boutique in Brussels

Jul 2, 2017

French perfumer Guerlain’s new luxury boutiques are about creating a completely bespoke fragrance and bottle for every customer.

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“I am always filled with an imperious thirst for distant lands, the desire to go ever farther, in search of new scents,” says Theirry Wasser, master perfumer at Guerlain. Following the opening of its first concept store in Paris in 2016, the French fragrance house is returning to the sources of its inspiration with boutiques opening around the world.

Already the first  has opened in Brussels, with more international addresses to follow. The boutique is designed to offer customers an individual experience, with 110 fragrances to choose from. To aid the decision, the fragrances haves been classified in four olfactory families, and a digital fragrance consultation to assist in identifying one’s signature fragrance.

The next step is to create a customised bottle. Not only can the bottle’s shape and colour be chosen, but a message can be engraved, as well as an embellishment selected from a range of ribbons and bows. These personalised bottles can be refilled at fragrance fountains, which draw from the temperature-controlled and UV-blocked glass perfume cellar.

Says Wasser: “Like my predecessors before me, my work is guided by a passion for fine craftsmanship, an admiration for the know-how of artisans, the authenticity of encounters and the sincerity of emotions.”


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