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Hélène Binet: Angeli and Architecture

May 15, 2021

ammann // gallery presents historically significant and new works by hélène binet, depicting sacred architecture and angelic sculptures.

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Ammann//gallery is pleased to present the exhibition ‘Angeli and Architecture’ by the French-Swiss photographer Hélène Binet from March 18th until the 24th of June. The show in question explores carefully curated pieces depicting sacred architecture and angelic sculptures.

During her childhood, Binet visited many angels, the messengers of God in Rome. Years later, Binet came upon John Hejduk’s poetic works and reconsidered the meaning of angels as having ‘the power to displace, bringing us to question the world we see and belong to…’

Binet approaches angels as ‘’neither human nor gods, female nor male, but mysterious, seductive beings and mediators. Their messages reach us only through powerful energy, a vortex, a gust of wind. This wind brings us to feel a sense of freedom, as we associate its energy with random forces, but, if we look closely, the wind always has its path and direction.’’

The London-based photographer is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Julius Shulman Award (2015) and Ada Louise Huxtable Prize (2019). Binet describes her photography as ‘an instrument of translation between the multi sensorial experience of space and purely two-dimensional expressions’. Focusing on details, she explores new relationships between forms, geometries, light, texture, and void.

Ammann//gallery presents the show in question and works directly with its leading artists and designers and, since its inception, has been a space dedicated to avant-garde exhibitions. In doing so, the gallery aims to broaden its collection by introducing Asian and Latin American art and design as well as architectural photography from their space in Cologne.

The show ‘Angeli and Architecture’ by Hélène Binet is on show at ammann//gallery from March 18th until the 24th of June, 2021. ‘Angeli and Architecture’ coincides with Binet’s first solo show at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAKK) in Cologne, ‘Hélène Binet – Echoes and Reverie’ running until the 27th of June 2021. To celebrate and honor German architect Gottfried Böhm’s centenary, Binet was commissioned by the MAKK to create ‘portraits’ of selected religious buildings designed by the architect. She reflects and highlights both the sculptural qualities and the structures’ materiality using light and shadow compositions.

Images, courtesy of ammann//gallery.

© Hélène Binet, Christ Church in Spitalfields, courtesy ammann//gallery
© Hélène Binet, Jewish Museum, courtesy ammann//gallery
© Hélène Binet, Christ Church in Spitalfields, courtesy ammann//gallery

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