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Nendo’s Watercolour on Metal

For Design Miami/Basel, the Japanese studio is releasing a metal furniture collection inspired by the look of watercolour paint on white paper

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Text by Rab Messina
Photography by Akihiro Yoshida

Each one of the 18 metal pieces in Nendo’s newest looks like paper. Although sturdy, the pieces of furniture look like they were cut and folded by hand. The objects were repeatedly sanded and primed in order to better hold ink paint.

No wonder it’s called the watercolour-collection. That is exactly what the meticulously finished pieces from the Japanese studio look like. The chairs, tables and benches, made for Friedman Benda, will be on display at the Messe Basel during the upcoming Design Miami/Basel.

All painting was done by hand, using soft pulp paper to tap the colours in. The process allowed for controlled blends, overlapping parts that create stains and the striking effect of paint dripping down in a waterfall effect.

The watercolour-collection will be on display at the Messe Basel from June 12-17

nendo watercolour
nendo watercolour
nendo watercolour
nendo watercolour
nendo watercolour
nendo watercolour
nendo watercolour

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