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PADesignartonline: Essential Added Value

Apr 4, 2021

PADesignartonline complements PAD Paris and PAD London, facilitating meetings and commercial exchanges for aficionados and collectors alike.

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PAD Paris and PAD London are widely known for pioneering events dedicated to art and design aficionados-cum-collectors. This year, PAD offers its exhibitors and galleries a new and unique tool. In a simple and efficient way, allowing them to exhibit their objects online and trade directly: PADesignartonline.

PADesignartonline will be updated each month with new objects in order to create a digital link between galleries, collectors, decorators, and architects. This platform will complement PAD Paris and PAD London each year without replacing them.

For the first year, PADesignartonline will be completely free of charge for PAD Paris and PAD London exhibitors. The platform will provide essential added value by facilitating meetings and commercial exchanges between the various Design and Art market players and will not charge any commission or take a percentage.

Developed thanks to TagWalk’s innovative technology, this digital platform will allow everyone to view 25 objects per gallery, who will be adding 5 each month, with simple, infinite search possibilities per specialty or period, per PAD (Paris or London), per gallery or keyword. PADesignartonline will reflect the identity of excellence of PAD and its exhibitors for 25 years.

Connected galleries have responded enthusiastically by the opportunity of having access to such a revolutionary platform as an addition, visitors will now have constant access to high-end art and design.

Demo PADesignartonline
By Ammann
By Avant Scène
By Gabriel et Guillaume
By Marcelpoil
By Mougin
By Salini
By Ouverte
By Soyer

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