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Ronan Bouroullec – 23 Bas-Reliefs

Dec 16, 2021

Furniture, textiles, technology, drawings, and recently ceramics. There are few mediums into which Ronan Bouroullec is not afraid to venture, and venturing with success. His solo exhibition at Galerie Kreo is on view through January 4, 2022.

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On November 26th, Ronan Bouroullec opened an exhibition of 23 ceramic bas reliefs in the London outpost of Galerie Kreo. This body of work reflects a new step in the multi-talented designer’s career, showing his interest in making one-of-a-kind pieces that blur the distinctions between design, art and craft.

Since 2000, both Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have exhibited with Galerie Kreo, using the gallery as a platform to present more experimental designs and ideas, a chance for free-flow thinking and playing, apart from their industrial design collaborations with brands such as Vitra, Cappellini or Ligne Roset.

In this solo exhibition, modular, linear, sliced slabs of ceramic pieces are arranged in intuitive compositions that feel spontaneous, but which also connect to Bouroullec’s deeper exploration into form and shape seen in his furniture designs as well as in his drawings.  This series has been related with Russian avant-garde artist, Kasimir Malevitch and Suprematism, but there is also a link to Henri Matisse’s cut-outs, the oversized, joyous and imperfect forms that seem to unite together to create new personalities and new vocabularies. 23 Bas-Reliefs underscores the designer’s endless curiosity and interest in discovering new ways to design and communicate. As he said in an interview published in our S/S 2021 TLmag35, “Craft is also important to me, and the question of how to continue to challenge myself with new subjects and new approaches.”

Ronan Bouroullec, 23 Bas-Reliefs, will be on view at Galerie Kreo, London, through January 4th, 2022





Exterior view of Galerie Kreo, Photo courtesy of Studio Bouroullec
Installation at Galerie Kreo, London. Photo courtesy of Eva Herzog
Ronan Bouroullec, 23 bas-reliefs, 2021, Galerie Kreo, London. Photo courtesy of Eva Herzog
Detail of ceramic bas relief, Photo courtesy of Studio Bouroullec
Ronan Bouroullec in the studio, photo courtesy of Studio Bouroullec
Ronan Bouroullec, Ceramic bas-reliefs photo courtesy of Studio Bouroullec

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