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Sophie Whettnall Notebook

Jan 28, 2022

TLmag gave Brussels-based artist, Sophie Whettnall, carte blanche to create a special feature for TLmag36: All Is Landscape. “My Quick Little Story About Landscape Painting,” is a series of red ink on paper drawings inspired by iconic landscapes from art history, many of which were directly connected to other themes in this issue, including Flemish landscapes and active volcanoes.

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Text by Sophie Whettnall

TLmag: Tell us about the series of drawings on Landscape Painting, which you made specially for the carte blanche in TLmag36? What was the inspiration behind this series?

Sophie Whettnall: When I heard that the new magazine was going to be based around the theme of the landscape, I decided to do a special project just for it.

I work a lot with nature and landscapes, and I have a fascination for landscape painting throughout Art History. So, I decided to make a “top 5” of landscape paintings, which I would reproduce, and I also asked a couple of artist friends about their top 5. This is the first part in a new series, more will follow, and I must say that I have enjoyed rediscovering some of these paintings through my artist friend’s eyes!

TLMag: Why red ink? What materials did you use?

S.W.: When I work with colour, which is quite rare for me, I choose one for its energy. A landscape in black ink wouldn’t spread the same vibe, energy! I wanted to do something bold for the magazine. The drawings are all ink on paper.

TLmag: What is your relationship with the landscape? How do you draw your imaginary landscapes, which often include sculptural pieces and public projects?

S.W.: Landscape is for me an essential space physically, but mentally too. When I draw, I start with one gesture that I repeat almost endlessly for a time, the repetition creates the landscape.

TLmag: Do you have an upcoming project you would like to mention?

S.W.: I am working right now on a project for a metro station in Toulouse, France. They will open a new line in 2027. It will be a huge tiled mosaic of nature spreading inside the metro station.



La chambre des époux, detail, Andrea Mantegna, 1465
Paysage avec Saint Jérome, Joachim Patinier, 1516
Le fuite en Égypte, Pieter Breughel l'Ancien, 1563
The Sea of Ice, Casper David Friedrich, 1823
Paysanne en forét de Fontainebleau, Jean Baptiste Corot, 1832
World Mountain Plant Distribution, Alexander von Humboldt, 1848
Insomnia Drawing, Louise Bourgeois, 1994

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