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At Random: Carlo Brandelli

May 14, 2018

As part of our series on the artists and designers behind Spazio Nobile’s The Random Collection, we asked Brandelli about his thoughts on collecting the unique

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Text by Noëlle Gardener

TLmag: How does the fact that these pieces are unique in a series impact your work?
Carlo Brandelli: As a former fashion designer, I have always been used to producing works that are unique or in collections, so the process for this series was very familiar.

How do you think design is evolving nowadays towards the field of contemporary art?
Personally, I always saw all types of creativity as the same thing. The categories were just a way to describe different genres, so the fat that design is becoming more “esoteric” is long overdue.

How are both interacting?
The place where these mediums are seen is are the same: social media. Before, you’d have to go to different places, such as a gallery or a studio, or even look through different publications, like art or design magazines, to see the works. But now, social media has democratised everything.

Why do we have fine arts versus visual arts, separate?
I think the two categories that I always saw were fine arts and applied arts. Fine arts were things made for the subject of intellectual debate, whereas applied arts were objects that actually had an end use. These categories are now blurred.

Is functionality an important consideration in your process?
Not really, although I do reference the craft of fashion and bespoke in these works —the pinning process, the design process. But for me, the word functionality also means provoking a reaction or emotion —that is, does the work function to stimulate you?

How do you perceive your work both as part of The Random Collection and as part of your overall production?
The works are nearly always unique, so the theme of “random” has a good association.

Carlo Brandelli’s Gestures series is part of The Random Collection, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of TL Magazine. Launched at Art Brussels (19-22 April), it is always available at the Spazio Nobile Gallery in Brussels and will be at an upcoming exhibition at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk from October 18-22.

carlo brandelli
carlo brandelli
carlo brandelli
carlo brandelli
carlo brandelli
carlo brandelli
carlo brandelli
carlo brandelli

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