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Daichi Takagi: Intuition

Time & Style presents an exhibition in which the Japanese artist reconsiders his culture, history, and his own roots in a unique way.

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This July 20th the unique exhibition Intuition opened at Time & Style in Amsterdam which explores work of Japanese Daichi Takagi, who recently moved to the Netherlands. The show presents a unique insight into Takagi’s inner landscape that is formed by his time in Amsterdam and his memories from Japan. Takagi draws inspiration from Ukiyo-e art and Suibokuga ink painting which can be found throughout the imagery and atmosphere of his work. 

Takagi reacts: During my stay in the Netherlands, I let go of my old creative process and returned to the basics of “seeing” and “painting”. This new environment challenged me to rethink the way in which I look at and experience things; the distance to Japan made me reconsider Japanese culture, history, and my own roots. Following some excellent advice, I discovered how to create “paintings that represent me (as a Japanese man and as an individual)”. The title of this exhibition embodies one of the most important lessons from the past year. It has been an exercise in how to rely on my Intuition. I hope my work will offer you a glimpse into some elements of who I am: my intuitive search, my struggle and the things I have only just begun to grasp through my observations and paintings.  

The artist was born in 1982 in Gifu, Japan. Takagi received the Japanese Government Oversea Research Program Grant, Agency for Cultural Affairs and lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from September 2018. Takagi lives and works in Amsterdam and Kanagawa.


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