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Mauro Mori: Les Editions Courbet

Next week sculptor Mauro Mori reveals his new collection Les Editions Courbet, the result of an ongoing creative collaboration with Les Atelier Courbet.

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Next week Milan-based sculptor Mauro Mori will reveal his new collection Les Editions Courbet. The work, an exclusive edition of sculptural furniture and objects, is the result of an ongoing creative collaboration between the artist and Les Atelier Courbet. It intends to highlight the newly created pieces and is presented alongside selected works exemplifying the artist’s wood and brass mastery. He took time to talk to TLmag about this new collection and his way of working.

TLmag: Your work is inspired by different cultural heritage sites, from all over the world. In what way, would you say, is your work a dedication to these places?

Mauro Mori: The environments that I have visited or lived in have certainly inspired my work – whether natural or man-built; whether the inspiration comes from sensations and emotions experienced in natural sites, or the cultural and artistic heritages of man-built environments. Wherever the combined inspirations come from however, I am often more creative in Nature. There, I am more in touch with myself, have the physical and mind space to be introspective and creative. I am also very much inspired by the matter, the material itself. Its very nature informs my work as much as the environments, which is why it is important to me that I carve or sculpt it in its own place of origin. I feel more connected to it this way.

TLmag: Would you say the series is it telling a particular narrative or something you’ve concluded?

MM: I guess this exhibition is telling the story of our collaboration, as my creative dialogue and years-long business relationship with Melanie Courbet has probably influenced my recent creations at large, but also gave birth to new pieces that we developed together for Les Editions Courbet. The story my work might tell in general comes down to its core inspiration: the simple, sensual and essential beauty of Nature. I feel that I m only revealing or highlighting the natural beauty of the materials I carve and/or sculpt. I try to emphasize their very nature, the forms they hide, the beauty of their imperfections and their tactile sensuality. Whether carved in wood or sculpted in brass, the new series that we are presenting with Les Ateliers Courbet reflects it as this is the fundamental and never-ending story behind my work.

TLmag: You often craft materials at places where you got them. Do you have an example of this in the series that is on show?

MM: I work in a nomadic way as I follow and/or move to the place where I source local materials. I hand carved the wood pieces in solid Albizia Rosa trees from Seychelles in a studio I built on the island since I discovered the wood. The carving method I use is a traditional technique of subtraction, I reveal the hidden silhouettes from the core of the tree trunk. The Hug Chair unveiled next week at Les Ateliers Courbet is a perfect example of this. So is the Quattore side table and the new Mama coffee table. The marble pieces Both and Scudo on view in the gallery results from the same technique of subtraction but using different tools.

While equally painstaking, the metalsmithing behind the Quinque console or the Unum and Tres tables are different. These craftsmanship techniques, I have learned through a collage of experiences as I worked in an artistic carpentry workshop and a smeltery when I was younger.

TLmag: What would you say, is your favorite piece that is on show at Les Ateliers Courbet?

MM: The hammered brass pieces we recently developed are the ones I am currently excited about as they result from an ongoing creative obsession and techniques investigation I have done since 2015 when I had created Origin; a wall installation of wood sculptures that was shown at DialoArt in Vienna. The piece was a straightforward representation of human cells clusters and organic forms that relates to each of us / its viewer. I have since further explored these organic forms and started to distort and appropriate them. This is how the hammered brass silhouettes were born – in my mind and physically eventually.

TLmag: As a craftsman, is there something you’re curious to explore in the future?

MM: My work is the results of never-ending research, testing and trying new techniques and new materials. I have been attracted to new material for me recently, glass. I am still at the very early stage of this material exploration at this point but look forward to the learning journey ahead and what it will bring out – both in my mind and in reality.

3 Scudo : Scudo Black (2006) cm. 28 x 16 x 45 h . Black Belgium marble. Limmited edition of 8 / Scudo White ( 2006 ) cm. 28 x 16 x 45 h Calacatta marble . Limited edition of 8 / Scudo Red (2019) cm. 28 x 16 x 45 h Red Marble – Limited edition of 8
Mama : (2019) am. 218 x 84 x 48h. Albizia wood – Les Edition Courbet
Unum : (2019) cm. 122 x 72 x 40 h Brass . Limited edition of 9
Tres Black (2018): cm. 68 x 36 x 45 h. Brass Black Patina – Les Edition Courbet
Quinque : (2018) cm. 184 x 50 x 84 h. Brass . Limited edition of 9

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