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Alvar Aalto: Fascinating Routes

Apr 11, 2021

For the first time since the pandemic, visitors in all regions of Finland have the opportunity to find routes along fascinating sites with a new website.

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With a new website built around Alvar Aalto’s architecture, visit.alvaraalto.fi, visitors in all regions of Finland have the opportunity to find routes along fascinating sites again. It holds a representative selection of Aalto’s designs from various decades and parts of the country. Along with architectural sites, the service features high-quality travel services that invite visitors to explore local cultural history, natural attractions, accommodation, and local foods.

What is central throughout the tours is Aalto’s output and other sights and experiences from the Helsinki region to nearby Espoo, Järvenpää, and Lahti – and as far north as Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. Old industrial areas such as Sunila in Kotka, Inkeroinen in Kouvola and Summa in Hamina along the River Kymi, the Ahlström Works in Noormarkku, Pori and Kauttua, Eura, as well as the Varkaus region on the shores of Lake Saimaa, all tell the story of Aalto’s work with the Finnish wood-processing industry and in housing design.

The route’s selections include some of the architect’s earliest and latest designs in Alajärvi and Seinäjoki, along with pearls of modern architecture in Turku and Paimio. The many Aalto sites in Jyväskylä include the museum that bears his name, which offers a deep dive into Aalto’s extensive output and personal history.

To find a way to share this meaningful history of Aalto in times of a pandemic is remarkable, Alvar Aalto Foundation Managing Director Tommi Lindh reflects: This year’s situation is different. We hope that new publics will discover our unique museum sites, Studio Aalto and the Aalto House, which they can view with a guide in small groups,

Interested parties are asked to take into account the guidelines concerning covid-19, the exceptional situation means the opening hours of each site should be checked directly from the source, meaning, the site or the travel agency itself.

Cover image: the Aalto House, 1935-36, Helsinki. Photo by Maija Holma courtesy of Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Jarvenpaa Ainola Sibelius home, Tuusulanjarvi, courtesy of Alvar Aalto Foundation.
Jarvenpaa Halosenniemi Tuusulanjarvi, courtesy of Alvar Aalto Foundation.
Jarvenpää Villa Kokkonen, courtesy of Alvar Aalto Foundation.
Studio Aalto, Helsinki. Photo by Rauno Träskelin. courtesy of Alvar Aalto Foundation.

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