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Spazio Nobile Gallery: Contemplative Shows

Sep 15, 2021

Spazio Nobile Gallery presents four exhibitions this Brussels Gallery Weekend: Bluescapes, Windows, Le Sacre de la Matière, and Another Way To Draw.

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Spazio Nobile Gallery chose this Brussels Gallery Weekend to present not one, not two, but four exhibitions. In the middle of Brussels’ neighborhood Ixelles, with its beautiful marble fireplaces and year-round green garden, we find ourselves fascinated by the show Windows by artist Frederik Vercruysse, the show Bluescapes developed by Tomáš Libertíny is presented in the Studiolo. In near proximity to our sister gallery, visitors are welcomed to the second chapter of Le Sacre de la Matière at Ancienne Nonciature. Finally, in BOZAR Brussels the expo Another way to Draw is presented as part of Art on Paper.


The show by Libertíny, which gracefully frames the Spazio Nobile Gallery’s studiolo, is an ongoing series of works created using paper and wood (but not limited to) in the use of BiC ink medium and the power of its unique blue hue. We know Libertíny as a maker who is tirelessly fascinated by nature and its intricate power to communicate. Similarly, in this show, Libertíny rethinks the concept of landscape paintings to distill its essence. Overwhelmed by space and nature, the works hold a certain abstraction that reflects vivid imagination.


Bluescapes is in good company, the show Windows by artist Frederik Vercruysse adds to a creative dialogue in Spazio Nobile Gallery. Windows marks the first solo exhibition of the Belgian artist in the gallery and attempts to explore the window as a portal to another realm: one of the real and imaginary. This figurative space holds new shapes in the defined frame, sometimes blurred by the frosted glass or a projected shadow. Visitors will find that on different levels, the object appears to be a humanized landscape, yet without the presence of humans. Vercruysse invites visitors to confront the analog image pushed to the limit, pixelated, becoming truer to itself the closer one gets. 

Le Sacre de la Matière

Close to the Spazio Nobile Gallery, the show “Le Sacre de la Matière” opened its second chapter at the Ancienne Nonciature. The exhibition is organized at, and with, Ancienne Nonciature which is an iconic heritage site. Ancienne Nonciature is emblematic of an era when it played host to the Vatican embassy in Brussels. With its ambiance preserved, the Ancienne Nonciature offers a respectful aesthetic of the past, a beautiful texture, and quality of space and of light, and for several years already has hosted large-scale exhibitions. Spazio Nobile Gallery presents a more in-depth look into the first segment of the eponymous first exhibition, which is guided by the publication of a book. 

With this second exhibition “outside the walls” of the Spazio Nobile Gallery, the show aims to bring together philosophy and culture of authenticity, at the crossroads of fine and applied arts. The show brings together 10 artists whose lively and resilient minds meet at the heart of the matter, between unity and duality, the very symbolism of the number 10. Artists include Anne Derasse and Jörg Bräuer themselves, alongside Ernst Gamperl, Kaspar Hamacher, Amy Hilton, Silvano Magnone, Élise Peroi, Päivi Rintaniemi, Bela Silva and Fabian von Spreckelsen. All of these artists are represented by Spazio Nobile; unique pieces of their new artworks have been selected, in concert with the building’s owners. They are united around the evocative theme of “Le Sacre de la Matière”, the guiding thread of a profound narrative, which takes on its full meaning in this once-sacred place, where the nobility of the soul and the durability of the material are sublimated.

Another Way To Draw

Spazio Nobile Gallery is also participating in this year’s edition of Art on Paper. Art on Paper evolved rapidly to become, from 2015, with the help of Paul Dujardin, an art fair dedicated to the practice of drawing in BOZAR Brussels. Today, Art on Paper is one of Europe’s leading art fairs dedicated to exploring the practice of contemporary drawing. This 6th edition of Art on Paper takes place from 15 to 19 September 2021 at the prestigious Bozar exhibition circuit in Brussels. Over 5 days, 32 galleries and nearly 110 artists will be brought together for a highly anticipated edition of the fair on a human scale and rich in novelties, which will offer a panorama of the quality and diversity of contemporary drawing in Brussels. Spazio Nobile Gallery is involved with Art on Paper with Pao Hui Kao & Éva Le Roi the show Another Way To Draw. 

Pao Hui Kao her works show great influences of innovative material, traditional crafts, social issues, ecorches. By making objects, sculptures, and installations, her works emphasize creating extraordinary aesthetics out of ordinary material and surrounding through continuous material experiments: ‘’I was able to visit various types of recycling systems while I was working in a company focused on dealing with environmental issues. I have witnessed how fast design can damage the environment and a lot of eco-friendly design is just in the «concept» stage. The experience motivates me to become a material-oriented object maker and a designer with sustainability as first priority. It is very important for me to understand the material I use and deal with it with honesty.’’

Éva Le Roi explores the relationship between built structures and their environment through the specificities of hand drawing.: “Before launching into the physical drawing process, I need to let the project ripen and, sometimes, take a few liberties with reality. The time I give myself before picking up my pen is indispensable. What follows is almost a form of meditation. The idea of breathing is also very important. With this type of drawing, there is no room for error. This artisanal approach to drawing fits me perfectly. I like to think that my works are suspended, in an almost timeless way.” 

The show Bluescapes by Tomáš Libertíny is on show in Spazio Nobile Gallery’s studiolo from the 9th of September until the 14th of November 2021; the show Windows by  Frederik Vercruysse is on show in the display of Spazio Nobile Gallery from the  9th of September until the 14th of November 2021; the group exhibition Le Sacre de la Matière will be on show at Ancienne Nonciature from the 9th of September until the 3rd of October 2021; Art on Paper is on show at BOZAR Brussels from the 15th until the 19th of September 2021.

Spazio Nobile Studiolo, Tomáš Libertíny, Blue Hues SpazioNobile SeasonXVIII
Spazio Nobile Studiolo, Tomáš Libertíny, Blue Hues SpazioNobile SeasonXVIII
Spazio Nobile Gallery, Frederik Vercruysse, Windows
Spazio Nobile Gallery, Frederik Vercruysse, Windows
Le Sacre de la Matière at Ancienne Nonciature
BOZAR Brussels, Art on Paper, Spazio Nobile with Another Way To Draw, presenting Pao Hui Kao & Éva Le Roi

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