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Art On Paper

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For the past few decades, drawing has been establishing itself as an art form in its own right. It no longer suffers from its long-held status of being a lesser form consigned to the margins, and is now being recognised on its own merit. This coming-of-age as a medium has, paradoxically, allowed it to broaden its reach, to expand beyond the page – sometimes escaping it completely, sometimes delightfully returning to it –, to borrow or even assimilate tools and processes from other fields as a means of (re)exploring the notions of drawing, movement, marks, expression, projection, writing, etc. and, lastly, to question its very definition.

Ever since it was first created, Art On Paper has sought to reflect the variety and diversity of contemporary approaches to drawing. Their inventiveness, their relevance. It is the reason why the exhibition uses a series of solo shows to introduce different audiences, from art lovers to professionals, to this plurality. It is the guiding principle behind the event, a unique concept that has returned with conviction year after year : one stand, one gallery, one artist. Over the course of five days, 50 Belgian and international galleries will take over the BOZAR exhibition space in the heart of Brussels to put on 50 solo shows by established and emerging artists, showcasing the very best of contemporary drawing. Bolstered by the success of the previous three events, Art On Paper will once again be run in collaboration with BOZAR at its prestigious Rue Ravenstein venue. There will also be a range of fringe events to acknowledge the most contemporary creations and the most experimental practices in the field of drawing.

Art On Paper is committed to working with established galleries to promote emerging ones, as well as supporting young artists and young art professionals. This support mainly takes the form of the annual EECKMAN ART PRIZE, whose winner is awarded a production grant and a space at the exhibition. Among the 50 solo shows, Art On Paper 2018 will be exhibiting 6 young artists represented by 6 young organisations (recently opened galleries or non-profit initiatives) in a common area, the PROJECT SPACE, curated by the event’s artistic directors using a collaborative, process-based approach. The event will also offer a number of SIDE PROJECTS (talks, podcasts, installations and videos).

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