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As one of the leading institutions for contemporary art in Europe, without a permanent collection, WIELS presents temporary exhibitions by national and international artists, both emerging and more established. WIELS is a site of creation and dialogue, in which art and architecture form the bases for a discussion about current events and issues, not only through the exhibition programme, but also through a host of complementary activities.

WIELS opened its doors in 2007, in a restored former brewery from the 1930s – designed by Belgian architect Adrien Blomme – and the idea of establishing a centre for contemporary art in the heart of Europe became a reality. Although still relatively young, WIELS has presented more than 65 exhibitions; it has welcomed over 130 residents; and has spearheaded innumerable educational and social-artistic initiatives.


The ‘Blomme’ building is one of the rare examples of modernist industrial architecture in Brussels.

The diversity and the specificity of the activities of WIELS, taking place in such a remarkable building, make it a unique institution of contemporary art in Europe. Its strategic geographic position also creates a new point of reference and attraction to Brussels, both for the local and international audiences. In addition, the project helps foster the economic and cultural revivals of its immediate neighbourhood and of the city of Brussels in general.

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