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Galerie Jacques Lacoste

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Specializing in 20th-century Decorative Arts, Jacques Lacoste has set out to promote French Design of the 1950s. Particularly sensitive to the work of Jean Royère, Jacques Lacoste acquired his archives in 199,7 and dedicated two exhibitions in Paris to the artist in 1999 and 2003, and one in New York at Sonnabend Gallery in March 2008. In 2003, he brought his expertise to bear on the publication of a book on Royère, and is now working on his catalogue raisonné.  He also prepared the publication of a book on Max Ingrand that went along with an exhibition at his gallery in 2009.  Jacques Lacoste is very attracted to the 1950s Decorative Arts and, in particular, to the lighting of Serge Mouille, the sculptures of Alexandre Noll, and the ceramics of Georges Jouve, Elisabeth Joulia, Pierre Szekely, and André Borderie.

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