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Studio MVW

Fashion / Luxury brands & designers

With its pioneering spirit and inexhaustible enthusiasm for creativity, Studio MVW provides consultancy design and built solution for architecture and interior projects as well as furniture design.

Trained in Europe and now practicing in Shanghai, Chinese designer Xu Ming and French architect Virginie Moriette combination of backgrounds and culture make them unique. With their passion to surprise, create dialogue and affect people emotionally, existentially and poetically, their work – which embraces the simple, the sculptural, and architectural – challenge common notions of space, form and function blending timeless appeal with contemporary style. However, if their distinctive works grounded in reality yet allow imagination to fly free, every project is a result of everyday living analyzing with the aim to improve our way of life.

Studio MVW creatively balances function and aesthetics using pure lines, lively, forms and serene, elegant proportions. As such, nature as a mode of expression is pivotal to their work. For the duo, the language of nature transcends different cultures ; a subtle undercurrent that connects contemporary Western and Chinese aesthetics and practices.

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