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Atelier Jespers

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The project of Jean-François Declercq has become obvious, occupying the house-studio of Oscar Jespers for almost two years, he realizes that this architecture speaks to him of exigency and minimalism, that it is a work in its own right. The bare walls of the workshop impose the obvious project of the modern architect Victor Bourgeois and resonate the absence of the stone work of the missing sculptor, Oscar Jespers. For 35 years, the house has lost its function as a place of creation and exhibition, it feels the need to revive this space by sharing it. This “living machine” invites contemplation, the place is demanding. The discovery of the work of the Belgian designers Ben Storms and Gerard Kuijpers is the pretext found to open his house for the first time, the exhibition “Resonance” is presented in the programming of “Brussels design september”.

The project is motivated by the pleasure of provoking again the confrontation between the architectural space and the creation. The first exhibition of design combines the material and functionality of the object that invites itself to the frontiers of art. This radical commitment is the first step in programming atypical exhibitions. Not denying himself anything, Jean-François Declercq plans to open his doors to various forms of expression. Provided they agree with his own minimalist and conceptual choices, “I like things simple and beautiful! “.

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