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Christa Reniers

Fashion / Luxury brands & designers

In 1994, Christa Reniers’ complete silver collection sees the light of day. This collection has nothing to do with seasonal designs, but contains only pure, timeless creations that will soon become classics. In the years that follow, Christa continues to grow and so does her collection. Even today new designs are being born, each of them refined jewellery sculptures that express an intimate, immortal beauty. To respond to the growing demand for more exclusive creations, Christa’s designs are now also available in white and yellow 18k gold.

Christa personally models every design in wax. She doesn’t use drawings or preliminary drafts, the creative process takes place in an organic way and designs come literally to life from her hands.

It is precisely this tactile dimension that gives her designs their visual individuality and sculptural character. All jewellery is cast in an artisanal fashion, Christa herself carefully checks the perfect finish of every piece. Every jewel has its own identity and soul, and waits for a kindred spirit.

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