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Dominique Desimpel

Fashion / Luxury brands & designers

“Our company started in Belgium in 1997 with a very simple premise: discovery. At the very beginning of my career, I fell in love with the beautiful simplicity and natural texture of Moroccan tiles. But the world is big and I was curious to learn more about what was available in other parts of the globe. I wanted to search for things and discover new, interesting materials that—at that time—were less well known in Belgium and central Europe.


That’s how it began. I went from country to country—beginning in Europe and expanding in Africa and Asia—to see what was particular and distinct in each country in the field of natural stone, ceramic tiles and handmade works. I learned that by looking at the world through stone, ceramic tiles, pottery, you can find so much beauty and creativity.

My aim—then and now—is to build an alluring product offering based on artisanal principles. I want to inspire professionals and in turn be inspired by the artists and creatives that we work with.

What’s fascinating is that you can look at a work of art, or a piece of textile, and see if an element of design is possible to create in stone. Often what we make is an interpretation of something I’ve seen in the world and adapted to our materials. The basis becomes part of the architecture and not simply the decoration itself. It’s about enhancing the work of others.


We deliver a curated range of products, that are independently developed with sound technical principles, and an artistic, entreprenurial spirit that reflects my personality and worldview. I love all aspects of design—architecture, interiors and houses—because design reflects the individual expression of the people who live with it—their ambience and style of life.

Our showroom is a library of inspiration. The vendors, artisans and craftspeople that we work with come from over twenty countries and are committed to the magic of stones and tiles.


It’s important for me that our products don’t reflect a certain fashion, fad or time period. It’s important for me that everything we offer is representative of good taste. Whether it is old or new, the things we live with should reflect the way we live now. The materials that we surround ourselves with help us tell the story we want to create in our lives.”

Dominique Desimpel
April 2016

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