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TLmag36 Extended: All is Landscape

In this TLmag online edition we have bundled the best articles about TLmag36 Extended: All is Landscape

TLmag gave Brussels-based artist, Sophie Whettnall, carte blanche to create a special feature for TLmag36: All Is Landscape. “My Quick Little Story About Landscape Painting,” is a series of red ink on paper drawings inspired by iconic landscapes from art history, many of which were directly connected to other themes in this issue, including Flemish landscapes and active volcanoes.

When Bas Smets began the designs for the park at Luma Arles, the land was an old rail yard with little trace of nature. This portfolio is a visual diary of the extensive transformation process of creating his award-winning climate-conscious and welcoming park at Luma Arles.

On January 20th, Spazio Nobile Gallery opens an solo show by Éva Garcia titled, “Can this light…? Garcia’s moody, almost ethereal gouaches, engravings and paintings hover between figuration and abstraction, seemingly emerging from their surface as if moving through space. The exhibition is on view through March 27, 2022.

An extract of Etel Adnan’s “Writings & Paintings” was reproduced in the A/W 2021 issue: TLmag36: All Is Landscape, just before she passed away in Paris at the age of 96. This was the last article of her to be published while she was living. The following introduction was included in that article, here modified to reflect on her passing. On January 13, an exhibition of her final works, “Discovery of Immediacy” (Découverte de l’immédiat), opened at Galerie Lelong in Paris and New York.

A conversation between two landscape architects about plants, soil and the future of our cities. A special interview that first appeared in the A/W 2021 issue of TLmag36: All Is Landscape, guest curated by Bas Smets.

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